1) Your kids will want to join in on the fun!

Let’s face it do your kids ever let you do anything on your own?! If your kids are anything like mine, then you know there are few things you can do in your life without your kids insisting that they join in (this even applies to the bathroom!). But would it be so bad if our kids actually ‘want’ to exercise?!

2) Your kids will observe that exercise is a priority.

Kids watch everything you do (and everything you don’t do for that matter). Your kids will likely develop the same habits as you (yes, even your bad habits). But don’t expect your kids to learn the importance of exercise when they never see you do it. Allowing your kids to be around you while you exercise will promote a lifestyle that assumes regular exercise is the norm.

3) It will force your exercise to be efficient.

Most of us arrive at the gym (or wherever you exercise) and don’t have a plan. But those of you that have kids know better than anyone that you must have a plan and implement it immediately otherwise your objectives may never come to fruition. Every minute you waste standing around trying to decide what to do next is an open invitation for your kids to pull you away from your exercise.

Here is what I do…

My wife and I bring along our girls (16 Months & 3 years) to Hart Park in Old Town Orange. I usually come prepared to perform anywhere from 4-6 exercises and I always invite my girls to join in when appropriate. It is very entertaining to watch them attempt to do jumping jacks, push ups and squats. And while their form may need constant correction I can’t possibly match their enthusiasm. I also bring along some balls for them to play with and a few other outdoor toys to keep them occupied. After about 30-45 minutes, if I’m not fatigued from my exercises I’m probably guaranteed to be exhausted from chasing my girls around.


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