Not all clients are created equal. And this is why private fitness training is so critical. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to health and fitness. Every individual person is unique. This applies to age, sex, height, weight, illnesses, surgeries, fears, and goals – just to name a few.

Why I love to train Andy

He is always dressed and ready to go for each session. Andy always smiles when I greet him. When our training sessions get tough, Andy never complains. Andy always gives his best effort. Andy’s family supports him in all his health and fitness endeavors. And one of the best reasons for why I love Andy: he provides me with unique challenges unlike any other client.

Andy has dementia.

When does our individual health and fitness cease to matter? When is it OK to give up on our health? There are sure to be several moral and ethical theories to consider. But while Andy may differ considerably from you and I, we all share something in common with Andy – he was only given one body. And we should be faithful stewards of our body.

The difficulties associated with dementia are vast. But this has not kept Andy, nor his trainer from working toward improved health.

If Andy is able to pursue a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, why can’t you?

Let Andy be a source of inspiration as you begin your journey toward better health today!

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