We’ve all experienced it on some level. “I’ll start eating better on Monday” we tell ourselves. And believe it or not, we actually listen to ourselves!

Many of my clients experience great nutritional success on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday. But when Friday arrives there seems to be a big drop off. All the success from earlier in the week quickly turns to failure.

Monday through Thursday, the nutrition is dialed in & water intake is sufficient. Friday evening rolls around and any progress from the previous week begins to collapse. All weight loss that occurred is quickly put right back on (maybe more!).

Why does this happen? Is the weekend evil?

There are many reasons we have difficultly maintaining good eating habits through the weekend. Primarily because we eat out more often, our schedules are inconsistent, and we are tired.

Here are some simple tips to help make it through your weekend:

#1 – Drink Water.

If you’re like the majority of Americans you are likely dehydrated. Drinking 20-30oz of water before you go out to eat may reduce your appetite (thirst is often misinterpreted for hunger).

#2 – Know What to Order. 

Nutritional information is provided for nearly every major restaurant. Browse through the menu on the website and identify food options that will fit within your calorie goals. This simple preparation will keep you from overindulging. It’s not too uncommon to consume 2,000-3,000 calories in one meal!

#3 -Meal Plan.

If you plan your meals through the weekend and write the menu on your fridge (or somewhere in your kitchen) it will help prevent you from scrounging throughout the cabinets and fridge rummaging for food. Knowing what is on the menu will lead to contentment. You’ll know what you’re eating and when your eating it.

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