When you’ve got the Mosaic Health Mobile app, you are able to play certain exercises or whole workouts through the app. To make sure you are motivated and to help you count down the exercises, we have created three different audio functions for you.

1. Tick-tock: clocking the time for a time based activity or clocking each exercise for a repetition based activity. 

2. Countdown: counting down the last 5 exercises or last 10 seconds of a set.

3. Motivation: Telling you motivational things like “you will turn heads” and keeping track of time or amount of activities.

All these sounds can help you with your training, but there are of course a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to hear them, for example if you are also listening to music. That is why you can choose to turn off each of these sounds individually through the Account Settings. Just untick the box and it’ll save automatically.

If you ever want to change it back, just go to your account settings and tick the box again.

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