After you create your nutrition plan, you can start tracking your nutrition. You can do that in your Food Diary. By clicking on the plus sign in the top right, you can add your nutrition.


It opens a screen with all kinds of food products. You can search in the search bar for your product. Once you have found your product, click the product and you can specify how much you have eaten of the product, in this case one banana of 152 grams. You can change the number and weight. You can also specify if you’ve eaten the product, as well as breakfast, snacks after breakfast, lunch, snacks after lunch, dinner and snacks after dinner.



You can see an overview of how many carbs, proteins and fats you eat per day. You can also view your goal, and your remaining recommended calories. The food app also syncs with the training app, so when you check your workouts, it will sync with the Food app. You also can see how many carbs, proteins or fats a product contains. Click on one of the rounds, and you are getting a summary of your daily goal of protein, and the total amount of eaten today. 


A weekly overview can be found under the menu under “Performance.” Here you can see the performance of the calories from 1 week, if you click on the “Weekly score” button, you can see how it is with the calories, carbs, protein and fats per week. The app gives you a score on how well you have followed the nutrition plan. 


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