What is the “Return on Investment” for my company?

The return on investment (ROI) related to employee corporate wellness programs typically includes the overall health care cost-savings achieved, as well as productivity increases due to a reduction in sick days taken by employees. Calculating the ROI based on the hard savings numbers provides most companies with the justification for implementing such programs.

Here are just a few ways your company will receive a significant return on your investment:

    • Saves your employees money vs gym membership
    • Builds camaraderie in your company 
    • Reduced employee turnover.
    • Supports company core value.
    • Potential insurance discounts for implementing a wellness program. 
    • Reduced sick days
    • Decrease healthcare costs research has shown the corporate wellness program can reduce healthcare costs by as much as 16% over 5 years.

What financial savings can my company anticipate?

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management more than two-thirds of respondents from organizations that offered wellness initiatives indicated these efforts were either “somewhat effective” or “very effective” in reducing the costs of health care.

An article in the Harvard Business Review demonstrated how ROI can be attained through employee wellness programs. The study included a random sample of 185 workers and their spouses. The participants received exercise training from a team of experts. The medical claim costs declined by $1,421 per participant, compared with those from the previous year. A control group showed no such improvements.

A nonprofit research institute, examined 10-year data from a Fortune 100 employer. This study conducted by the Rand Wellness Programs Study examined two aspects of the employer’s wellness program: (1) the lifestyle management component, and (2) the disease management component.

Interestingly, disease management was responsible for 86% of the health care cost-savings, generating $136 in savings per member, per month, and a 30% reduction in hospital admissions.

What increase in employee production should my company expect?

When employees aren’t feeling well, either physically or emotionally, their productivity declines. Consider the difference between an employee who rolls out of bed and drags in to work versus an employee who exercises before coming to work. Exercise produces natural opiates or endorphins, which increase energy, enhance mood and promote overall wellness. The result? The employee who is exercising, and typically healthier as a result, will likely show up to work with more energy and enhanced positivity.

This could cascade into numerous company benefits. If the employee interacts with customers, it could translate into a significantly higher customer experience and an increase in sales. When the employee interacts with co-workers, it could mean the generation of new ideas or solutions to business challenges, a more positive working environment, and more value produced by each employee—all of which positively affect the company’s bottom line.

Why participate in the Mosaic Health corporate wellness program?

    • Information and education increases employee use of preventive screenings
    • Improve healthy eating among employees
    • Increase physical activity among employees
    • Improve stress management among employees
    • Improve general health and well-being
    • Improve productivity
    • Improve the company culture and promote better team dynamic
    • Improve morale and attitude
    • Decreased absenteeism and injury rates
    • Reduced turnover rate

Who is eligible to participate in the wellness program?

All employees are eligible for voluntary participation in the wellness program. Family members, significant others and friends are eligible to participate per pre-determined guidelines established by your organization. 

Where & When will this program take place?

Wellness program activities will take place in appropriate, designated spaces at your facility. This may include conference rooms and other available indoor and outdoor areas.

Visits may be scheduled during the following times:

    1. Before work
    2. During work, provided scheduling and workload needs of the company are met
    3. Between work (lunch and breaks)
    4. After work

What will the program include?

Depending on the program options selected, the activities in each area may include (but are not limited to):

    • Program Launch/Information Meeting (45 minutes)
    • An Initial One-on-One Coaching Visit (15 minutes)
    • Custom Company Portal Design
    • Comprehensive Progress Tracking
    • Community Health Challenges
    • Nutrition Program
    • 25% Discount for 1:1 Personal Training
    • Mosaic Health APP PRO Membership
    • Health Seminar (30 minutes) (e.g.: Nutrition, Posture, Sleep, Light Therapy, etc)
    • Group Fitness Session (30 minutes) (e.g.: HIIT, Yoga, Flexibility, etc)

How much control will my company have over the wellness program?

Your company will appoint a representative to consult directly with Mosaic Health and determine scheduling, wellness plan, and other miscellaneous details.

What will my company potentially learn about an individual employee’s health?  

During the intake process, body measurements are made and saved in the system, allowing you to track overall wellness. However, all employee information is private unless voluntarily disclosed either by changing privacy settings in individual user account or through verbal communication.

What benefits will my employees have while they participate in the wellness program?

  • Through the corporate community, employees will be able to motivate each other to work out together, increasing the general health of your company.
  • Access to high quality training at a reduced cost.
  • Positive coaching to encourage individual improvement.  

What type of people should participate in the wellness program?

All employees (plus additional qualifying members: e.g.: family) are encouraged to participate in the wellness program.

What privacy do employees have regarding their personal content?

Mosaic Health places a strong emphasis on maintaining employee privacy and confidentiality. All individual employees will have full control of their privacy settings within the Mosaic Health portal. 

Who will pay for the program?

The company is providing this great benefit for the employee to have access to high quality training at a reduced cost, because they care about their employee’s health.

Will my company be able to Brand and market the wellness program as a benefit to potential employees?

Yes, your company will brand the corporate wellness program in coordination with Mosaic Health.

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