Fit Points are something you might have already noticed in your personal profile. Fit Points are used to motivate members to work harder. You can achieve these points by completing various activities within the Mosaic Health system, for example adding a picture, logging your weight or adding an activity to your calendar (see the full list below).

With enough Fit Points you will appear on our Leaderboard! Do you want to be the best and end up at the top of that Leaderboard? Then you’d better get to work! Make sure your profile is complete (check your to-do-list on your personal page), you are logging all of the activities your participate in, and you are sharing your progress on social media.


Fit Points are calculated in the system as follows (A user can gain a maximum of 8000 points per day)

Activity Amount of Fit Points
Activity Points 100 * X (Where X = # of hours of activity work * MET value of the Activity)
For every blog posted 100
For every food logged 10
For every group joined 100
For every picture uploaded 150
For every reaction to a post 25
For every post 50

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