Incredible trainer and highly recommended. Lucas is tough but definitely gets results! Not only is he thorough in his fitness training, he is also incredible at watching your diet. He had me logging my food and kept a watchful eye on me. I give him full credit for helping me discover that I am gluten intolerant. Had it not been for him, I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to figure this out. Now I know what types of foods are best for me and I’m not in pain after I eat. So greatful!

– Shannon P. 30 years old

Lucas has been my personal trainer for over three years and has done an excellent job at improving my physical condition. Due to some personal limitations, he has created a program to improve my physical strength and mobility. I have made incredible progress and improvement with my core body strength. Each week I look forward to our workouts.

Lucas is very dependable, always on time, and prepared with a varied program. Additionally, he has impressed me with his family life and Christian values. I feel very fortunate to have time with him each week.

– Barbara M. 73 years old

A little over two years ago I went to see my doctor for my yearly exam.  I asked him to sign me up for Lap-Band surgery.  I was overweight by more than 100 pounds.  I had tried Weight Watchers and had some success but hit a plateau and gave up.  The little weight I lost came right back on.  I tried Nutrisystem, a plan that sent you meals in the mail.  Not filling and got tired of it very quickly.  I knew I had to do something.

My doctor said he would sign me up for the surgery but only after I did one thing.  That was to join a gym and hire a personal trainer.  He said do that for one month and if that doesn’t work, I will sign you up.

That was when I first met Lucas.  I started meeting with him twice a week.  I hated having to work out even if it was only 50 minutes.  I hated every morning that I would get up and think I had to go work out.  Everything Lucas had me do seemed impossible.  I was probably his worst student ever, constantly complaining.  But with his encouragement, I was able to do a little more each week.

Since I started with Lucas I have lost more than 60 pounds and feel better than I have in a long, long time.

No Lap-Band surgery for me.

– Ronald M. 65 years old

I found Lucas when I was attending another gym. He became my trainer for two years and I ended up at my ideal weight.  After a couple of years off I gained some weight back. That’s when I heard Lucas was starting Mosaic Health in Orange County.  I started back up and so glad I decided to because I feel back on track and healthy once again.

Lucas is a professional and ethical man.  He has my highest recommendations and I  recommended him to anyone in any age group who asks including my Mother who now has lost 50 lbs. with him.  

You won’t regret it if you are looking for a great personal trainer!

-Kelly F. 32 years old

Lucas is an amazing trainer with an approach that takes it all one step at a time.  I have worked out with many trainers and Lucas is one of the great.  He pushed me to places I didn’t think I would be able to do.  Lucas makes the food and exercise all manageable.  

My biggest triumph while working out with Lucas was that  I learned to push thru the pain and that I wouldn’t die and in fact my body could do it.

Lucas has a soft spoken approach that gets results!  He cares about his clients and helping them attain their goals.  He also has the knowledge to get them there.

-Anne B. 36 years old

I started working with Lucas in December and he is a wonderful trainer. He’s really nice, but is good at also putting on the pressure during your work out. He really motivated me to start taking a look at how many calories I was eating every day and helped me come up with an easy way to track that. I appreciated that he was concerned with the bigger picture of my health and not just the exercise part. It’s really hard to find someone who has the knowledge and is also willing to spend the time helping you with food and exercise. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a personal trainer.

-Kelly B. 40 years old

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