What you believe about your health will ultimately influence how healthy or ill you become. Our faith in false or misleading information will ultimately be our undoing. Discerning the truth in the midst of an unending cycle of health trends and poor research can be a real challenge. Who can keep up with the avalanche of information?! Right thinking yields right doing. And there is much to think about. Which is why what you believe will prove to be one of the most valuable assets in your journey towards a healthy life.

What is your motivation?

What motivates you to work towards a healthy life? Are you motivated by cosmetic reasons (e.g.: lose the tummy, shape your arms, etc.)? Are you simply trying to overcome any variety of health issues you are currently facing (e.g.: diabetes, hypertension, etc.). While those are excellent motivating factors, there is one factor that I believe surpasses all others; the truth that God created your body. Yes, your body is a gift from God, and you are a temporary steward. You and I have been entrusted with the care and maintenance of what God has graciously given us. Have you been taking care of your gift? One small step is to simply make the effort to begin each day by praying that God would be glorified in how you use your body, that your motivation for achieving a healthy life would be His pleasure and yours.

How do you respond to stress?

Stress and anxiety are significant obstacles to health that people often encounter. Chronic stress and anxiety tend to deplete levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that regulates mood). Low levels of serotonin not only cause depression, but may also trigger cravings for sweets and other foods. Stress, whether physiological or psychological, will hinder weight control by releasing the so-called “stress hormones” (i.e.: adrenaline), to prepare the body to cope with stress. Research has shown that exercise is an excellent means to regulate hormones and deal with both stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the Bible advises that you and I should “cast all your anxieties on God, because he cares for you.” So don’t allow stress and anxiety to gain a stronghold in your life. 

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