We can think about the same experience in many different ways. If we are grateful, we positively change our perspective on the events in our lives. What you put into your body affects what you get out. In this case, your thoughts create the world you experience. If you put gratitude in, you get gratitude out.


At it’s most basic, you could simply write down 3 things you are grateful for each night. And if you want reminders, just set up a google form and use IFTTT to email yourself a link at a designated time of your choice.

If you struggle with the concept of journaling, join the club, me too! And if that applies to you as well, then try the Five Minute Journal – you answer three questions each morning and two before bed. This practice will put you in the right mindset to start and end your day.


Go for a walk outdoors and tell God why you’re thankful. Pray out-loud – listening to your own words of thanksgiving by speaking audibly. Be very present and feel gratitude for everything you see and experience during that short walk. 


Read Practicing Affirmations by Sam Crabtree, who wrote: “God is glorified in us when we affirm the work he has done and is doing in others.” Write a letter of love and gratitude to someone. Affirm the grace of God you have witnessed at work in their life. Set up a time to meet with the person, then take out the letter and read it to him/her.