When working out, there’s a big chance you have set up a goal for yourself. Maybe you want to lose some weight, build muscle or improve your stamina. To help you achieve those goals, Mosaic Health has set up a challenge system for you. In this section, you can join various challenges that will help you stay motivated to reach your goals. 

You can find this section on the main page of the desktop portal. Click on the “challenges” tab. Or from the APP, simply click on the “Challenges” tile on the home screen.

Here you will find challenges that you can join, or you can create your own personal challenge.

To join a challenge, simply click on the challenge and choose “join”. A progress bar will now be added to your personal profile and the system will automatically update it when you log something connected to that goal. For example, if you’ve joined a weight loss challenge and you log your weight in the body metrics app, the progress bar will be updated according to that information.

To create you own challenge, choose “create challenge” and follow the steps. You can decide if this is a personal challenge for you or if other members from the Mosaic Health portal can join you as well. To learn more about inviting others to join your challenge, click here.


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